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Buy Mobile Broadband 4G Dongles and unlocked dongles and MiFi devices from dongle.co.uk.

Buy the latest unlocked high speed 4G mobile broadband Dongles as well as EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone Dongles with 4G Data Plans.

We also supply USB3 PC Dongles so if you need spare dongles to provide connectivity support for your super thin laptop then visit the dongle store and view our range.

4G Modems - these are USB devices that use a SIM card to provide your laptop or PC with high speed 4G Mobile Broadband Internet Connectivity and some routers also have a USB slot that you can insert a 4G USB Modem into. The common name for these USB modems is USB Dongle, 4G dongle or mobile broadband dongle.

Dongle Antennas

Do you need an external antenna for your 4G dongle / USB modem?

Some 4G Dongles have an external antenna connection port that enables you to connect a 3G/4G antenna.

Information about using High-Gain and External 3G & 4G Antennas with your 4G dongle.

When you are installing a 4G dongle in a location with a very poor or no signal, but there is a good 3G/4G network signal nearby you could install a High Gain 3G antenna / 4G Antenna in the location where there is an improved signal and deliver this along the antenna cable to the router.

For example, this could be when installing the dongle inside a metal cabinet or inside an office with poor reception.

When using a High Gain or External antenna with a USB modem dongle when the router is already installed in a location with a good signal, you might not improve the signal strength significantly and in many cases might see a reduction in signal strength because there will be signal loss along the extra length of cable so if you just want to boost your signal in the hope that it will improve your data throughput and 3G/4G download speeds then installing a Higher Gain 3G or 4G antenna might not always achieve this.

The reason that many 3G and 4G antennas are advertised with a higher dBi gain it usually becuase they are mounted some distance away from the actual router so the antenna can be positioned in the best area to receive a good signal and this means it may have a longer cable length so the extra dBi gain is there to compensate for the signal loss down the length of the cable.

4G Antennas additional information and notes.

With the arrival of high speed 4G mobile broadband in the UK and the rush to take advantage of these new super fast 4G connections, many users are turning to 4G routers to deliver a shared mobile broadband service.

When installing a 4G Router in a location with a poor 4G networksignal, the connection of a high gain 4G antenna may help to improve the signal strength by placing the antenna in a location where it receives a better signal. The 4G antenna then delivers this better 4G signal along the length of antenna cable directly to the 4G router. There is usually signal loss along the length of cable which is why the antenna usually has a higher gain, so it compensates for the signal loss. In many cases this means that the signal the router receives tends to be the same as though the router was installed at the location of the antenna, rather than the user seeing a higher gain, they are just seeing an improvement relative to the location of the router which is situated in the poorer 4G signal location.

Some 4G antennas are designed to help boost 4G signal reception when used in close proximity to the 4G router and these tend to be designed as internal antennas with very high gain and usually provide a more reliable and steady 4G service rather than significantly improving the data throughput. We do not sell this type of antenna as this is more of a home user solution.

When selecting a 4G antenna you should look for a Fullband / Wideband antenna that covers the full 800-2600Mhz frequency range - this means that it will be compatible with all UK services and will be backwards compatible with 3G and 2G connections.

Some advertised 4G antennas, such as the HGO-4G antenna do not cover all the 4G frequencies so please bear this in mind when selecting your antenna.

About dongle.co.uk

DONGLE.CO.UK is the UK Dongle Store providing high quality mobile broadband 4G dongles, PC Dongles and USB Modem dongles for your easy way to connect to the internet and connect devices to your MACPRO apple laptop..

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